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July 18, 2020
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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization: What Really Works

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the act of optimizing the content on your website to allow for more efficient search engine indexing. Properly optimized websites are indexed quickly
and receive higher search engine rankings. In turn, these websites receive more targeted traffic.

Many things filter into the optimization of a website. Properly used key words and phrases are major contributors to search engine optimization. Keywords and phrases alone, however, aren't enough to properly optimize a website for search engine indexing. Everything from META tags to ALT tags on links and images aid in search engine indexing.

Some webmasters try to cram as many keywords as possible into an article or website content in attempt to achieve higher page rankings. Unfortunately, they haven't done their research. They don't seem to understand that, in most cases, less is more. The over-use of keywords and phrases can cause pages to be indexed incorrectly or even to be rejected by the search engines. Articles are a great way to add content to a website, but copying an article from a site that relates to yours is illegal. Copying text word-for-word and using it as yours is plagiarism. Not only is plagiarism illegal, but search engines try very hard not to index duplicate content.

When designing your website, in the head tag, using proper META tags isn't as important to SEO as it used to be. In fact, the meta keyword tag is disregarded by the search engines. However, the head tag of your website should include an optimized title, and meta description.

On-site optimization refers to the elements of the website your viewers see and interact with. From keyword density to other text, links and photo descriptions or alt tags. Photos that make a direct impact on your website should be correctly labeled with optimized text to ensure they are an asset to your website. Text links should also be labeled with optimized alt text. Alt text is what viewers see when they hold their mouse over a photo or a link on a website. Properly optimized alt text will help you to market your website content.

Links, photos and content are very important to your SEO and your overall marketing strategy, but links back to your website are also very important. Unfortunately, the days of profit by link sharing are over. The link sharing system was too easily abused by those looking to make a quick buck. One way to guarantee links back to your site is link building. Link building is simply the process of putting your link on someone else's website.The best way to do this is through partnerships and directories. This is also where social bookmarking websites come into play. Social networking or social bookmarking sites allow the freedom to add links as comments, text or even banners.

If you are not comfortable with your own writing skills, many SEO firms offer to optimize your website at very reasonable prices. Most take the time to view your website and make suggestions before jumping into the job at hand. Like any other option, always research and find the right firm to fit your needs. Ask for references and other information about any company you entrust your website's performance to. Not everyone can expect first-page search engine rankings, but it never hurts to put your best foot forward.


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