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April 23, 2020
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Teak Dining Tables - Timeless Style Indoors Or Out

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It was common sense and a little creativity that brought teak dining tables and other teak furniture into existence.

Historically, teak was used as a material for ship-building. Somewhere in the ship-building past, someone realized that teak was the perfect wood for sea-going vessels. Not only was it a beautiful wood that looked nice on the ship, but teak has special properties in its makeup that avoid rotting. The key is that it is heavy in natural oils, which repel the water and don't allow it to work its way into the wood, thus breaking it down.

Learning of the great qualities of the wood; furniture builders started tinkering more and more with teak in the 1800s. Since much of the elements of the outside world were also a problem indoors, due to no air conditioning or temperature controlled environments, they thought there could be some benefits to this weather resistant wood. Initially, the furniture was used for outdoor home areas as teak dining tables, benches, and other pieces cropped up. As people recognized the beauty of the wood grain; it started to move inside, as well, being made into stunning teak dining tables, ornate chairs, and other furniture designs.

The adoration of teak furniture such as teak dining tables has continued through the years. Furniture makers tout its ability to withstand the harshest conditions. Just looking at the colorful grain will sell it to those who want a wood with a rich look.

Still most popular for outdoors, teak wood is considered by many to be an investment. While other outdoor furniture sets and tables will rot or break over time, teak dining tables will hold strong. As a matter of fact, the only real change that will be seen in teak furniture is a slight change in color as the wood ages from browns and oranges to a silver and gray color in the sunlight.

Some worry that as the wood turns to silver it will become weaker, losing its natural oils. While it is true that some oils are being lost over time, there is no fear of teak weakening. It is just a change in color from the wood which many think gives it a more distinguished look. If you are not of that school, and want to keep your teak looking as if it were newly cut, this is easily done, by yearly giving the piece a good coating of teak oil. The important thing to know if this is your plan is that you need to oil the wood before it ever changes colors. The oil will keep the original color of the wood.

When you are oiling, also make sure the wood is clean first. You may want to wipe it off with a damp washcloth. If you don't, any wood or dust that is on the piece may end up being oiled into the wood, and may leave a black mark where it is stuck in the grain.

If you let it patina and want to bring back its natural luster simply scrub your teak pieces with a teak cleaner and then oil it annually to maintain its golden brown hue.


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